Long camping trip = really tired fur babies. Yay! ;)

Long camping trip = really tired fur babies. Yay! ;)


Why are you in so much pain? I take care of you, I do everything you ask but you still are in so much pain that it hurts my soul. I do yoga, I eat well, I love you more than I ever have but you still fail me and I don’t understand why. I realize there are a few stresses in my life right now but I’ve been doing everything to reduce that but yet I’m still in pain. It’s very frustrating because I don’t know what else to do. I have done so much so intensely and I’m spending a lot of money to be healthy but yet I still don’t understand why you are in so much pain. These are the questions that I ask you on a daily basis. You are pretty intense right now. You kind of went away for a while, you took a vacation for a few months and then you came back with a vengeance. It’s very frustrating and I’m here to ask you WHY. 



On Sunday, John and I were cleaning the house like crazy. As I was finishing up my chore of cleaning the bathroom, John came by and said “Aren’t you going to yoga?” and I replied, “Meh, I dunno. I’m not feeling very good.” He slowly started walking away and then his head popped back into the door frame, “well, isn’t this a non-hot stretching yoga today? It would probably make you feel better” and then he disappeared again. 

I thought about it, yes, he’s right, that would make me feel better. I should go….And then I got occupied scrubbing the tub and forgot about it. 

Then about 10 minutes later, behind me I hear, “Baby, you have 10 minutes before class starts! Go get ready and I’ll finish up the tub”

"Okay, okay, okay! Thanks babe."

And sure enough, it was exactly what I needed to end my weekend. :)

This is an ongoing conversation I have with my hubbie, he is always suggesting I go to yoga because it makes me feel better. And yes, sometimes I get annoyed and feel like he’s pushy but it’s exactly what I need- a little nudge to remind me how good it is for me.

Thank you my wonderful hubbie, my best friend, my motivator. You’re my cheerleader of life! :)

-Aubry Kate

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